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Genießen auf Rügen

Restaurant and Hotel

Gutshaus Kubbelkow

Dorfstraße 8

18528 Sehlen OT Klein Kubbelkow

Telefon: +49 (0)3838 / 8 22 77 77


unser Hausprospekt

Gutshaus Kubbelkow
Genießen auf Rügen

Familie Diembeck


Wappen der Familie DiembeckIn 2002, the Diembeck family could acquire the manor house „Gutshaus Kubbelkow" in the middle of its landmarked park. Since then, the house as well as the park are being restored with love to historical details and following historical requirements. Their aim is to sustain the original condition without losing the charm of its more than 100 year old history.


Gutshaus Kubbelkow – for ages synonym for the extraordinary.


Following this tradition, you can enjoy stylish hospitality in historic ambience combined with modern convenience.


Our philosophie

Auszeichnung: ServiceQualität DeutschlandTo be a guest in Kubbelkow, to be a guest of family Diembeck means manorial dining and residing. You could feel it. Starting with an ambience that is unique on the island Rügen, luxury rooms and suites, followed by a selection of products and its thorough preparation and a friendly service which will as a matter of course fulfill even your special wishes.


Wedding on the island Rügen

Do you want to get married on Rügen? No matter if you celebrate alone as a couple or with up to 200 guests, we offer our competence, experience and a good reputation among a romantic ambience. We promise to arrange for a wonderful party at Gutshaus Kubbelkow which will be unforgettable.
Familie Diembeck
Hotelkategorie: 4 Sterne Superior