Hochzeit feiern, Heiraten auf der Insel Rügen im Gutshaus Kubbelkow
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Guthaus Kubbelkow: Herbstzauber

Genießen auf Rügen

Restaurant and Hotel

Gutshaus Kubbelkow

Dorfstraße 8

18528 Sehlen OT Klein Kubbelkow

Telefon: +49 (0)3838 / 8 22 77 77

E-Mail: info@kubbelkow.de

unser Hausprospekt

Autumn time

... with a natural spectacle


The bathing season comes to an end, however, a very special season is going to start afterwards. When summer turbulences are over, cozy time will begin. The famers have brought in their harvest and plenty of fresh autumn products are available to create delicious dishes such as fish of the Baltic Sea, vegetables and herbs found in the park or game caught on own hunt. We will serve the best products, prepared in an extraordinary and delicious way.


By the way, autumn time on island Rügen is the time of the cranes. You should not miss the special occasion of thousands of cranes flying to their sleeping berths.


Would you like to relax during a short vacation? At Gutshaus Kubbelkow, you will reside in the middle of the island and enjoy dreamlike silence. Far away from hecticness, you can enjoy the advantages of manorial residing and excellent dining in a relaxed atmosphere.


Unser herbstliches Genießer-Angebot für Sie

  • 3 nights including individual gourmet breakfast. Optional for category junior suite: romantic breakfast served "en suite".
  • Guided crane tour (4 hours) with a boat in the National Park (only on Tuesday and Thursday from Sep. 15 to Oct. 20).
  • After the crane tour, we will serve a special choise of cheese delicacies with fresh grapes and baguette
  • Autumn menu for gourmets, created chef Axel Diembeck, individually prepared and served in four-course meal
  • free use of our new „Gutsherrenbad" (with sauna, multi-sensory shower, heat bench, aromatherapy bath, steam bath).

Arrangement for two


in luxury and elegant rooms, equipped with modern comfort 

  • Double room: 495 Euro
  • Junior suite: 575 Euro
  • Suite: 655 Euro


Please call us, phone +49 3838 8 22 77 77 or send Email to info@kubbelkow.de


We're looking forward to see you.


Sincerely yours, Family Diembeck

Gutshaus Kubbelkow: der Gutspark im Herbstzauber
Gutshaus Kubbelkow: Kräutergarten im Gutspark
Küche und Genuss: Frische Heringe
Insel Rügen: Wildtiere